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"New talent"     THE HINDUSTAN TIMES

"Writerly prowess"     THE SPECTATOR

"Logan writes in very original terms"     SCOTTISH STUDIES REVIEW

"The literary survival of author John Logan"     THE NORTHERN TIMES

"Positive new chapter for thriller man"     HIGHLAND NEWS

"City author's e-book breaks into Top 100"     THE INVERNESS COURIER

"A blistering, tough book, tempered with tenderness and mystery"
    Alan Warner, author of THE STARS IN THE BRIGHT SKY

"With this novel, Logan has proved that he deserves to be at the top of the pile! I would certainly recommend the book to anyone who loves good literature. He's a great writer. He should be read"
    Cally Phillips, author of BRAND LOYALTY

"The storytelling is effortless, the echoes are long lasting"
    Roz Morris, author of MY MEMORIES OF A FUTURE LIFE

"Beautifully written…compelling…literary fiction/tartan noir/thriller/zany black comedy…Logan dances on a literary knife edge…blazing talent"
    Linda Gillard, author of A LIFETIME BURNING

"I loved this book…an amazingly talented author"
    Joni Rodgers, New York Times bestselling author of


"He emerged from exile with an astonishing novel called THE SURVIVAL OF THOMAS FORD. Now, day by day, the good news spreads: When an Artistic director goes slumming with a commercial thriller, the result is Martin Scorsese's CAPE FEAR...but when a Literary writer produces a thriller with love and respect, the result is THOMAS FORD"
    Reb MacRath, author of NOBILITY

"Gripping all the way"

"This is writing and literature at its best. Imagine Stephen King combined with maybe Cormac McCarthy and a bit of Edgar Allan Poe tossed in"

"A tale of blood and mist"

"Darkly brilliant"

"From the first paragraph I was mesmerised"

"Wonderful characters who have haunted me throughout the reading, even to the point that one invaded my dreams"

John A. A. Logan is the author of five novels:


He is also the author of eighty-five short stories. His fiction has been published by PICADOR, VINTAGE, EDINBURGH REVIEW, CHAPMAN, NORTHWORDS, NOMAD, SECRETS OF A VIEW, and SCRATCHINGS; with reviews of his work in SCOTTISH STUDIES REVIEW, SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY, THE SPECTATOR, and THE HINDUSTAN TIMES.

His work has been published internationally in anthologies edited by A L Kennedy, John Fowles, Ali Smith, Toby Litt; and he has been invited to read his work at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. He wrote monthly columns and film reviews for the magazine, 57 NORTH, in Aberdeen, where he was also president of Aberdeen University's Creative Writing Society for three years, while attaining his MA (Hons) English degree there, which included study under the novelist, William McIlvanney.



Thomas Ford is the only survivor of the car crash which killed his wife. He is also the only witness who would be willing to identify the young, reckless driver who caused the crash. But the driver has no intention of ever letting himself be identified, not to mention what his father's intentions are…or those of his girlfriend, Lorna, the hospital cleaner.

The young driver's father is Jack McCallum, the powerful entrepeneur who has built a housing empire, McCallum Homes, on the high hills surrounding the city. Jack has his own dark secret to protect, as well as his business edifice to hold onto. There is no way in the world that Jack McCallum will ever let anything threaten the future of McCallum Homes.

Robert Ferguson, the passenger who was with the young driver on the day of the crash, curses himself for ever getting into the car. He watches carefully to see what the universe will do about it all, and he thinks he can hear the gears and chambers of the universe's engine, rolling terribly towards them, out of the future, and he knows he can't cope with that, not even if he takes his medication.

In the end, destiny will pull them all far out of the city, some of them to the moonlit hillside, where white butterflies and mysterious gas fill the air, and wild cats wrap themselves around cold trees. Jack McCallum's trusted Polish foreman, Lanski, will recognise the place from the folklore-wilderness of his own childhood, a place where death can come stalking in the form of a white wolf, but perhaps also redemption can appear, for those like Thomas Ford who seek it.

In any case, the young driver has it in mind to take his destiny into his own hands now, which will soon lead to the life of a second young woman hanging in the balance, awaiting salvation or destruction, perhaps only the Fates, or the wind that blows through the trees, know which.

You can buy THE SURVIVAL OF THOMAS FORD as an ebook now on
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John A. A. Logan's other novels, STARNEGIN'S CAMP, THE MAJOR, and ROCKS IN THE HEAD, will soon be available to purchase from Amazon and other retailers. AGENCY WOMAN is available now. Please scroll down.


eFestival of Words, 2013

Best Short Story Collection -Winner
Storm Damage by John A. A. Logan

STORM DAMAGE is a collection of ten stories.

Length: 200 pages/60000 words.

UNICORN ONE - Mission Control in Edinburgh has made a strange choice of astronaut for Scotland’s first ever Independent Space Program
LATE TESTING - Michael survived the trenches of World War One France, but can he survive the English village he returns home to?
NAPOLEON’S CHILD - Has old Frank been alone for too long, or did a young boy really appear from the desert mysteriously one night?
AT THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD - In a very bizarre circus, a Big Top performance goes horribly wrong
THE MAGENTA TAPESTRY - Calliasta may have to sell the old house to Russian mafiosi, but is it true that the family gardener, Ernest, owns the grounds?
THE AIRMAN - A ghost story about a World War Two bombing raid over Dresden which somehow ends up in modern India
THE POND - An elderly man tries to recreate a lost love but is Nature on his side?
THE ORANGE PIG - A meeting between a pig and a wolf on a moonlit hillside leads to a night of revelations for the pig
STORM DAMAGE - How hard can it really be to make an insurance claim?
SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN* - A young man gets his teeth into something at a party

*SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN was originally published by PICADOR in NEW WRITING 13 (edited by Ali Smith and Toby Litt)

You can buy STORM DAMAGE as an ebook now on
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Agency Woman

A lost, wandering and damaged man finds himself drafted back into the world he thought he had escaped, when the local branch of a powerful, international Agency needs a mysterious job done in the remote Highlands of Scotland.

The new companion who leads him out of disaffected early retirement is a seductive, young, novice female agent, but could there really be far more to her than there at first seems?
They find themselves in a world of natural beauty, mountain and beach, which they will only contaminate with extraordinary rendition, abduction, bloodshed and torture.

The modern bureaucratic world of paperwork and subcontracting will mean that no-one actually knows which government or country is behind the operation, but one man will soon remember why he left Agency work like this and why he hates it so much, even though it may really be love that has dragged him back into it all.

A dark, Scottish tale of conspiracy, espionage, murder and terrorism, with an existential edge, and the spirit of an ancient mountain looming at its centre.

“The specific character of despair is precisely this: it is unaware of being despair.”
Soren Kierkegaard

You can buy AGENCY WOMAN as an ebook now on

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Some of the short stories, and excerpts from novels, originally made appearances in these publications:

Sometimes All the World Comes Down, published by PICADOR in the British Council anthology, New Writing 13 (edited by Toby Litt and Ali Smith);
ISBN 0-330-48599-7

Tortoises and Bats, published by VINTAGE in the British Council anthology, New Writing 9 (edited by John Fowles and A L Kennedy);
ISBN 0-099-28994-6

Bringing Something Back, published in EDINBURGH REVIEW Issue 109;
ISSN 0267 6672

Circles Within Circles, published in EDINBURGH REVIEW Issue 113;
ISBN 1 85933 220 X/ ISSN 0267 6672

Other Languages, published in EDINBURGH REVIEW Issue 107;
ISBN 1-85933-201-3/ ISSN 0267 6672

New Deal for the New Writer, published in EDINBURGH REVIEW Issue 110, under the pseudonym Donald Ross;
ISBN 1 85933 207 2/ ISSN 0267 6672

The Day Billy Bear's Mum Sent Him to Sign On, published in CHAPMAN Issue 93; ISBN 0-906772-89-3

Natural Causes, published in NOMAD Issue 17-18;
ISSN 1368-3055 17-18

The Highland Shark, published in NOMAD Issue 13;
ISSN 1368-3055 13

Perve Meets Perve, published in NORTHWORDS Issue 15

Not To Be The First Caught, published in NORTHWORDS Issuse 20/21

Fat Pig and Thin Oinker, published in NORTHWORDS Issue 25

The Emotion, published in SECRETS OF A VIEW

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Fan Fiction - Sequel to The Survival of Thomas Ford!

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